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>> and the world mourns the loss of a human rights >> live, from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc news at 11:00, on your side. itsur nation has lost greatest son. >> south africa's president says
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that nelson mandela is at peace, and of the world must grieve the loss of one of the most revered human rights leaders of our time. for thet obama called flags to fly at half staff in his honor. he led africa out of the dark days of the apartheid, but his legacy involves so much more. we have a look back at his life. such a sad day today. >> this was greatly expected but universally dreaded. an close toold had death several times over the past year and some 20 doctors have been tending to him night and day. this hardly lessened the painful news that came this afternoon. >> there is the deepest kind of morning. lowered flags as a sympathetic sign not just for the man, but for the understanding that his
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presence will not be easily replaced. >> nelson mandela's name is synonymous with the entire he showsovement and the greater goal that this achieved. challenge their very humanity. >> born in a tiny village and educated in a hut, he became a boxer though his fight would be in a larger realm. andained a law degree fought racism and the apartheid. he was landed behind bars for 27 years. his imprisonment only energized him. >> think about the problems. >> countless others along the way. >> we have to think about the
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example that he said, to make decisions not by hate, but by love. >> he became the first black and democratic president and a nations, tother have a collegiate tone to pitches message of goodwill. >> i am a -- >> his enthusiasm was contagious and his legacy bound to inspire well beyond this lifetime. thatlson mandela once said it seems impossible until it is done. many wanting a quality that may be celebrated in the next few days, including at the soccer stadium where he last appeared in the world cup, to be buried back in his home village 550 miles away. the -- this will
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last 10 days. many come together to honor the man known to his countrymen as madiba. legacy as a human rights leader has prompted many to share their memories of this icon and we continue our coverage live from the embassy. construction,s you can see a lot of folks have flowers, and drop some candles, and the group that showed up and started to sing the south african national anthem, which says, god bless africa. now they say, god bless nelson mandela. model, with images of nelson mandela after leaving prison. this was behind a construction fence, and became the place to honor the man.
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>> a south african -- >> everyone has a place in the world. >> he picked up his two boys from school, and they had to take pictures and reflect on his legacy. >> this is a sense of, my boys will have the opportunity to do more things they would not have had to do. >> they learn about the man and his struggles and his successes. -- and got out of jail this is a story about kindness. >> the judge lives down the streets from the embassy. they are thinking about the civil rights icon. >> they think about the usedings of gandhi, and he them to free the south african people.
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-- and he was here was freed from the south african prison. >> he represented so much to the world. >> tomorrow morning, the deputy ambassador will open up the fence so they can get closer to the statue, with the condolence book for everyone to sign. >> thank you very much. howard university has a vigil in his honor tonight, to give the community a place to gather. stay with abc seven and lbj, --, for "good morning washington" tomorrow morning. we turn to breaking news out of
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prince george county. we have live pictures from news chap -- news chopper seven. asphalt,t laurel authorities tell us, two hazmat containers are on fire there. and to the other story we are watching tonight, the weather. there are big changes coming our way. we have more on what we can expect. >> it is still 63 degrees, late at night here, outside of the weather center, let's check out the doppler radar. showers, few more especially to the midday afternoon evening. ahead of a very strong cold front. 67 degrees, this has gone up in fredericksburg.
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55 in frederick. possible, and the areas of rain become more likely, as they go through the afternoon and the evening. we are turning colder on saturday, with a mix of freezing rain, this may be coming up in a few minutes. >> developing news out of the metropolitan police department. the investigation into a police officer intensifies. the officer may be involved in underage prostitution. the authorities were led to the home as they looked for a missing teenager girl. we have an following the story from the beginning. we are live from d.c. police headquarters. >> these are very disturbing allegations about someone we trust to uphold the law. we asked about if this is the tip of the iceberg. apartment, the
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authorities suspect a police officer may have been running a prostitution ring. involving underage girls. they found a missing 16-year-old girl here. the disturbing details were laid i d.c.this document -- police officer shot naked photos of this girl wearing high heels, and he said her nickname would be juicy and set up a date for her with an older man who would pay her $80. she could keep $60. she said she had met six other girls who said they were working as prostitutes. advertisee would their services on officers were carting out bags of evidence, and they found a large number of condoms and h igh-heel shoes, and a large mirror, which had on it, the name of the girls who worked as
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prostitutes. this is what councilwoman anita bonds had to say. >> we have to be aware as a government and do what we can to root out the individuals who are not serving the public well. >> the official word, is that there is an ongoing investigation. they are on desk duty. -- the officers have been placed on desk duty. >> new allegations of sexual abuse at a popular swimming pool. a woman came forward and said she was sexually assaulted at the wilson pull in northwest after hours. others have come forward saying that they were sexually assaulted, and these are juveniles. if you have any information, please contact d.c. police.
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havinger is accused of alcohol on school property speaks with abc 7 news. el is a teacher who is out on administrative leave. he had been drinking the night before and forgot he had alcohol in his car. a coworker suspected he was drunk, leading a school resource officer to issue a field sobriety test. >> i am completely ashamed and i would like to apologize to the students, and the parents and the public schools. >> he is charged with dui, driving without a license and possession of alcohol on school property. so much of the country is prepared for the arctic blast, that has left a foot of snow and freezing temperatures in its wake.
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we will you know how this will affect us in a few minutes. we will you know how this will affect us in a few minutes. >> 10you won't take my life. you won't take our future.
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 11:00. man faces a dozen counts of cruelty to animals, accused of abusing at least 10 dogs. police believe charles palmer, who lived on the 800 block of northeast may have abused these animals and the humane society says this is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty it has ever seen. we have more on this. >> he was in court today and the things that he is accused of our horrible. kicking and beating, and at one point slamming the stock said into the ground. the charges against palmer, after a 20 month investigation. >> porter looks like he has never had a care in the world, but it is when you look closely you can see the scars and the
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injured foot and more. >> there had to be 42 x-rays on hand. never seen a dog that is as badly injured as porter, that survived his injuries. we think that there were at least 10. >> three died and five are unaccounted for. the humane society believes they were all kicked and beaten by this man, charles palmer. beforelegedly happened this barn door. palmer moved out. shocked, i did not know he abused any of the animals. is,s sad as this story there is a silver lining. broken, his bones were porter's spirit was not. >> his job was broken but this is a dog that loves life. >> julie conway wound up
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adopting him. >> this is the happiest dog i have seen in my life. he has been a blessing in my life, for sure. >> the other surviving dog has been adopted and is doing well. charges that palmer is facing are felonies. his arraignment is on tuesday. >> that massive storm system is bringing bone chilling cold to the midwest. people from dallas to st. louis brace for the worst ice storm in years. hundreds of flights have been canceled because of the weather. the question is, how will this affect us? everything is pointing, guidance wise, that sunday will be a day where we have ice and sleet and freezing rain and this will be a problem.
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there,ference here and it is going to take another day or two to get a firm handle on this. very warm and temperatures have not dropped all that much. at reagan national airport -- the average high is 50, we missed that by six degrees. it is still 60 degrees in fredericksburg, 32 in detroit but there is a massive amount of cold air. eight below in rapid city, 15 degrees below zero at great falls, nine degrees below and this is going to the south. the cold air is coming slowly and steadily overnight. this is just ahead of the cold front. it looks to us like the heaviest
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rain will be tomorrow night. but you won't have to go farther west. it may be hard to make all of these out. there are a lot of dark purple areas under the threat of an ice storm. we will clear out of this on saturday. temperatures fall into the 40s. and a new surge of moisture will come onto the jetstream. sunday looks to be very tough. drizzle,ome patches of and we zoom in on the satellite radar. indication of patches of rain, this kind of breaks up, slowly with falling temperatures. that is where everything starts to change.
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we have the most steady and heavy rain coming in and it will be frozen, clearing out very quickly with a few snowflakes early in the morning. tomorrow is a transitional day, starting with rain, and then we have more on what comes this way, with mild temperatures. andave them for tomorrow monday. in between is going to be cold, the front will make a mess, with more on the way tomorrow. we will have this at 4:30 in good morning washington. >> this will make the redskins game interesting. >> talking about the kansas city chiefs and not the snow. winston will not be facing charges, and
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>> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> they were back on the court at verizon center, against high point and the players took advantage. we begin in the first half. look at this, he spots up beyond the arc, and he was on fire. as we move ahead, for the bucket -- he takes it to the right side and he will bank it in. win,cruised to an 80-45 staying unbeaten at home. suspended ahas player for stopping -- stopping on a south florida player last night. this is not excepted at george mason. he will not play against oklahoma on sunday at the bb and c classic.
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james winston will not be accused of sexual assault by the state's attorney. they concluded there was no likelihood of a conviction. his attorney said that his client is innocent, with the possibility of a civil suit against the accuser. they say people always look at him differently because of this case. and now the suggestion goes back to football -- the focus goes back to football in the heisman trophy. >> i have no idea. i hope that these voters realize he has never been charged. he is preparing right now. i expect for them to perform very well. >> as we prepare for another redskins sunday, fletcher seems to be ok and the entire team seems to be saying all the right things. but they have to play kansas city.
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they are unbeaten against the nfc this year. the skins say that they are playing for pride, and they break it down this way. >> this is how i get paid. i want to pick up my check, and deserve that. i am playing for the postseason -- i never want to put that stuff on tapes. i want to dominate my opponent. >> the kansas city chiefs were 2-15 last season and they are nine-three now, there is hope. >> bruce springsteen fans? how about this. someone with dee
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it feels good to be a helping hand. ♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday >> the world mourns the loss of nelson mandela, his death at the age of 95 is our top trending at can also see the forecast and handwritten notes for bruce n"ringsteen's "born to ru fetched $197,000.
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southern these auctioned the manuscript with his handwriting in new york today. most of the lines are unrecorded and unpublished. there is no rd tonight on who bought this, unless it was him.
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>> new information on the breaking news out of prince george county. fire officials say that the soul fuel and asphalt materials are burning their. news chopper seven is there, as the fire crews arrived and we want you to know that no homes are in danger but we will continue to follow this breaking news. >> we can talk about the cold front and the rain tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. on sunday, we are in shape to get some sleep and freezing rain.
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i will be back tomorrow to fill in the blanks. >> thank you very
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> jason schwartzman, this week in unnecessary sensorship and music from jake owens with cleto and the cletones. now if i may be so bold, here's jimmy kimmel!

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